How to dry Corn using Bindapt plus/Pro


Date of Publication

Corn drying has been added as a new feature to the Adaptive Ag Bindapt Plus and Bindapt Plus PRO. The smart thermostat models now have pre-settings for all grain types including optimal corn grain drying, using a Flagro FVO-400 Diesel, or FVPN-400 Duel Fuel (propane/natural gas) portable construction indirect (has chimney, no fume) heater.
High moisture Corn is generally ideally used at a lower temperature setting 30 Degrees Celsius, or 88 Degrees Fahrenheit. Although the Canadian Grain Commission generally suggests a max Corn grain drying temperature of 45 Degrees Celsius, or 113 Degrees Fahrenheit, Adjusting the average temperature up to 38 to 40 generally results in an over drying effect on the bottom of the bin. A lower and slower temperature can result in a more even drying effect. Our results for corn show that a small batch (5 Hp fan, 1800 bushel in a 4000 bushel bin) can result in an average point reduction from 27 Moisture content to 19 in a 1-2 day period during late fall above freezing temperatures for smaller batches.
Air tends to flow really well through corn, and the average static pressure on this setup was shown to be around 3.8 Inches of Water on the plenum built in pressure reader in Bindapt Plus models.
We also see the in bin temperature / cables “heat up” a lot quicker when drying corn as opposed to more dense grains like wheat, barley or other cereals. This suggest that the dry warmer air moving through the bin suggest we can dry corn lot faster than we can on the other more dense grains.
See below for the new grain drying calculator graphs, plenum Temp/Humidity readings, and in bin sensor cable data over a two day corn dryer real life example. Contact us at Adaptive Agriculture Solutions, for free consulting in order to make your in bin drying setup a success today.