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Get your FIRST Wi-Fi Bin Monitor for $399!

  • NO GATEWAY REQUIRED or Annual Fees
  • Monitors OPI & Bin-Sense Cables
  • Expandable with CO2 Headspace Sensor & Modular Plenum Sensor

Smart Bin Device Comparison

  • Bindapt Monitor
  • Binhalo
  • Bindapt+
  • Bindapt+ Pro
Bindapt MonitorBinhaloBindapt+Bindapt+ Pro
Reads Temperature &/or Moisture Cables
Reads BOTH Bin-Sense and OPI Cables
Custom Text And Email Alerts
All our smart devices will alert you when grain is heating
Plugs Directly Into Power
Using a Standard 120V Power Supply
Mobile and Desktop Dashboard
Our Visual Farm Dashboard is Compatible with ALL devices bringing your Data to Mobile and Desktop Devices
Plenum Temp / Humidity & Static Pressure
All Devices are compatible with our Modular Plenum Sensors and some have an Integrated Plenum Sensor
Modular (Sold Seperately)Modular (Sold Separately)Integrated (Included)Integrated (Included)
Headspace CO2 Sensor Compatible
Headspace CO2 Sensors are
Modular Control Outputs
Our boxes feature Modular Control Outputs that can be configured to control Aeration Fans, Exhaust Fans and / or Supplemental Heat
1 Control Output1 Control Output2 Control Outputs
Control Aeration Fans Remotely
Control Exhaust Fans Remotely
Control Supplemental Heaters Remotely
Automate Grain Conditioning
Control Multiple Outputs Independently
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