Grain Drying

Mimic the PERFECT Drying Conditions by Adapting a Construction Heater to your Bin!

Automate your In-Bin Drying with

Smart Device

Construction Heater

Adapter Plates

Adequate Airflow

Create the Ideal Drying Conditions with your Flagro Heater!

Connecting a Flagro Construction heater to your Aeration Fan using our Patented Adapter Plates can turn your entire bin into an affordable grain drying solution!

Our Bindapt+ and Bindapt+ Pro devices will regulate the temperature entering your bin to provide safe supplemental heat while collecting valuable insights on the progress via the Mobile and Desktop Web Platform

How In-Bin Drying Works

In-Bin Drying Gallery

In-Bin Drying Steps

Begin Process Ensuring 1 CFM/bu

Heat and Push Moisture Front to Top

Run Cool-Down Cycle for 24-48 hours

Take Sample & Repeat if Needed

Begin the Drying Process

Bindapt+ and Bindapt+ Pro

The Bindapt+ and Bindapt+ Devices have an integrated plenum sensor that reads Temperature, Humidity, and Static pressure in the plenum. These data points are crucial to a successful In-Bin Drying Application. We use Temperature and Humidity set-points to regulate the supplemental heat entering the bin while using the Static Pressure Sensor to understand the fans performance.

The Static Pressure is matched against your Fan Chart to convert Pressure (iwg) into CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) in the platform. We take this one step further by dividing those CFM by the bushels in the bin to give you CFM per bushel. In order to dry grain In-Bin you must have over 1 CFM per Bushel of grain.

Minimum CFM/Bushel
In-Bin Drying
1 CFM/bu
Natural Air Drying (NAD)
1 CFM/bu
Cool Down (Cooling Grain)
0.1 CFM/bu

Do you have enough Airflow?

Traditionally everyone thought they need 1HP / 1000 bushels.

This is NOT TRUE if you are attempting In-Bin Drying!

You need 1 CFM per Bushel to DRY

Our Platform will Analyze your Drying

The Visual Farm Platform will take all the input data points (Plenum Sensor & In Bin Cables) and show you IF you are Drying or Hydrating, how effectively the process is going, and provide an estimated time of completion!
Once a drying event has started it is important to continually run the Aeration Fan to push the moisture front through the entire bin. If you don’t have 1 CFM/bu you WILL NOT be able to push the moisture front through the bin and will be required to remove grain.

Monitoring the Drying Process

Compare Our Smart Bin Devices

Cool-Down Process

Run Cool-Down Cycle for 24-48 Hours

Once the entire bin has heated and ran for a few days (or the estimated time) switch the Bin Mode from Drying to Cool-Down. The Cool-Down Cycle will ensure that the EMC of the grain remains constant while the heat is removed from your bin through Aeration.

After you can see all Grain Cable nodes have cooled down to a safe storage temperature you can turn off aeration and allow the bin the equalize. It takes up to 24 hours without aeration for the bin the equalize and provide accurate Moisture readings.

Evaluate Your Results!

Take a few samples from your grain bin and analyze the results. There are a lot of variables at work when doing In-Bin Drying but with proper airflow and temperatures you can easily reduce your grains moisture levels. You can log your results in the ‘Notes” section of each bin.

The entire In-Bin Drying System can easily be moved from bin-to-bin rather than hauling grain to a dedicated dryer.


Sample and Evaulate

In-Bin Drying Products

Smart Bin Device Comparison

  • Bindapt Monitor
  • Binhalo
  • Bindapt+
  • Bindapt+ Pro
Bindapt MonitorBinhaloBindapt+Bindapt+ Pro
Reads Temperature &/or Moisture Cables
Reads BOTH Bin-Sense and OPI Cables
Custom Text And Email Alerts
All of our Smart Devices can be set to Alert you Via Text, Email, or In-App Notification
Plugs Directly Into Power
Using a Standard 120V Power Supply
Mobile and Desktop Dashboard
Our Visual Farm Dashboard is Compatible with ALL devices bringing your Data to Mobile and Desktop Devices
Plenum Temp / Humidity & Static Pressure
All Devices are compatible with our Modular Plenum Sensors and some have an Integrated Plenum Sensor
Modular (Sold Seperately)Modular (Sold Separately)Integrated (Included)Integrated (Included)
Headspace CO2 Sensor Compatible
CO2 Headspace Sensors can detect problems 14 days befor grain cables begin to heat!
Modular Control Outputs
Our boxes feature Modular Control Outputs that can be configured to control Aeration Fans, Exhaust Fans and / or Supplemental Heat
1 Control Output1 Control Output2 Control Outputs
Control Aeration Fans Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Aeration Fans with Aeration+ Modular Controller
Control Exhaust Fans Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Exhaust Fans with the Exhaust+ Modular Controller
Control Supplemental Heaters Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Construction Heaters with the Heater+ Modular Controller
Automate Grain Conditioning
Automation is possible with ALL Devices that have Control Outputs
Control Multiple Outputs Independently
Bindapt+ Pro is the only device that currently can automate 2 controls independently
View Bin MonitorView Binhalo View Bindapt+View Bindapt+ Pro

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