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Bin Monitoring & Control Systems

get the Most Adaptable Grain Bin Technology*

*Available in Wi-Fi and Cellular.

Bin Monitoring & Control Systems

get the Most Adaptable Grain Bin Technology*

S3 Aeration Fan

Adaptable Bin Monitoring

In-Bin Monitoring

All of Our Devices read In-Bin Grain Cables (OPI & Binsense)

Plenum Sensors & Headspace CO2 Sensors* can be added to any Bin Monitor or Binhalo Device.

Bins Dashboard Mockup

Get Started for $399!*

Get your FIRST Wi-Fi Bin Monitor for $399!

  • Works on your Farm’s Wi-Fi (No Annual Fees)
  • Reads OPI & Bin-Sense Cables
  • Plugs directly into 120V Power
  • Expandable with Plenum Sensor & CO2 Headspace Sensor
Bindapt Bin Monitor
Bindapt Bin Monitor

*Limited to one $399 Wi-Fi Bin Monitor per farm operation. While quantities last. Additional units are available at full retail price (MSRP $850)

In Bin Grain Drying With Flagro Construction Heater

Works with Any Grain Bin

In-Bin Grain Drying & Hydrating

Our Bindapt+ and Bindapt+ Pro Devices are designed to automate the conditioning process while giving you visibility and peace of mind.

Modular Controllers (Aeration+, Heater+, and Exhaust+) attach to the output ports on the Bindapt+/Pro devices to automate / regulate its operation.

Smart Bin Device Comparison

  • Bindapt Monitor
  • Binhalo
  • Bindapt+
  • Bindapt+ Pro
Bindapt MonitorBinhaloBindapt+Bindapt+ Pro
Reads Temperature &/or Moisture Cables
Reads BOTH Bin-Sense and OPI Cables
Custom Text And Email Alerts
All of our Smart Devices can be set to Alert you Via Text, Email, or In-App Notification
Plugs Directly Into Power
Using a Standard 120V Power Supply
Mobile and Desktop Dashboard
Our Visual Farm Dashboard is Compatible with ALL devices bringing your Data to Mobile and Desktop Devices
Plenum Temp / Humidity & Static Pressure
All Devices are compatible with our Modular Plenum Sensors and some have an Integrated Plenum Sensor
Modular (Sold Seperately)Modular (Sold Separately)Integrated (Included)Integrated (Included)
Headspace CO2 Sensor Compatible
CO2 Headspace Sensors can detect problems 14 days befor grain cables begin to heat!
Modular Control Outputs
Our boxes feature Modular Control Outputs that can be configured to control Aeration Fans, Exhaust Fans and / or Supplemental Heat
1 Control Output1 Control Output2 Control Outputs
Control Aeration Fans Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Aeration Fans with Aeration+ Modular Controller
Control Exhaust Fans Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Exhaust Fans with the Exhaust+ Modular Controller
Control Supplemental Heaters Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Construction Heaters with the Heater+ Modular Controller
Automate Grain Conditioning
Automation is possible with ALL Devices that have Control Outputs
Control Multiple Outputs Independently
Bindapt+ Pro is the only device that currently can automate 2 controls independently
View Bin MonitorView Binhalo View Bindapt+View Bindapt+ Pro

Farm Monitoring & Control Center

Introducing Visual Farm

Visual Farm is our Digital Agriculture Platform that has been designed from the ground up from farmers feedback!

Monitor your bin inventories AND Control your Aeration from the comfort of your home!

Get started by creating your Digital Bin Yards TODAY!

Aerial View With Mobile & Laptop

Visual Farm Features

Bins & Inventory

Manage all grain bin inventories (Grain, Fertilizer, Other). Monitor all available cables and set alerts to text or email


Collaborate with you farm team, add additional users to you farm and keep everyone on the same page.


Track notes on all Bins, Fields, and Tasks to keep everyone updates with the latest accurate information


Fly between fields and track crop plans, field activities, and get virtual weather!


Geolocation allows you to pin-point areas of interest/concern in the field and place scouting markers for the future


Additional features and integrations are constantly being worked on and evaluated. Each year there are always significant improvements to the platform.

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