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Reduce Condensation with Time of Day heat settings

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September 23rd, 2019

Bindapt Screen Shot
Bindapt Screen Shot

Just in time for canola season, Bindapt PLUS now offers an easier way to manage your heat.

Bindapt Screen Shot OG
Some of the guidelines suggest a ‘ten degree over outside air temperature. This also has to be balanced with the concept of getting your bin warmed up to the “drying zone” of 20 degrees. One technique is to apply a larger amoutn fo supplemental heat during the day, using the lower part of the bin that has been warmed to continually draw warm dry air through the bin, and then backing off the heat at night.

Reduce Condensation

Bindapt plus allows the flexibility for this to automatically happen with time heat control settings, while continuing to allow warm dry air to enter the bin. The In plenum humidity sensor visually allows you to see the air entering the bin and monitor the continued drying process by avoiding significant in bin humidity.
When canola warms up, a lot of humidity will quickly come out to the grain. The challenge is setting up an environment where there is sufficient air movement to allow that humidity to be drawn up and out of the bin.

When the dry heat is turned on, the blended humidity of the air entering the bin drops as shown below. For more information about bindapt plus, contact us today! https://www.adaptiveagriculture,ca

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