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March Madness update:

Adaptive Agriculture

March 24th, 2020

Farming is an essential service. Getting farm parts is becoming more challenging, and everything will change in the days to come.

At the moment, we have a limited amount of NEW diesel heaters in stock (400,000 BTU, diesel regular, Diesel RC, and duel fuel propane/natural gas RC units). The Spring supply of refurbished heaters that we had promised has been delayed, but we will keep everyone posted as they become available.

March Madness update

As weather is warming , we are seeing farmers in the Saskatchewan area combining again, and the frozen grain in the bin is thawing. This is the second wave of grain drying that we were talking about. We are currently open to the public with limited distancing measures in place, but please call ahead before coming to our Saskatoon office. We have also moved some supplies out to an alternate location to improve redundancy.
We started this business to help people, and we are committed to doing what we can to help you. If you are in need of our services we can not guarantee supply lines over the next few weeks –CALL TODAY–, and keep an eye on our news link for more information. Farmers, The world needs your services. The work you do every day has meaning, and this is going to be highlighted over the next few months. Stay safe and strong.–Steve
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