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Introducing the new Flagro FVO400-RC model, Grain drying star

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January 8th, 2020

2019 harvest was challenging so say the least. Both Refurbished and New heaters were high in demand, and pushed us up into the next model of heater: the Flagro FVO400-RC units.

The “RC” unit features a 16 inch fan inlet on its hood, originally designed for “Recirculating” intake air from a building allowing the re-heating of warm air as opposed to direct heating (cold) outside air. Although we don’t use the recirc feature in grain drying, its upgraded 4000CFM blower fan is well suited to balance the air pressure on the other side of aeration fans, and better “fill out” non Adaptive Agriculture “no crush” ducting work.

new Flagro FVO400-RC model

The embedded squirrel cage blower fan seems to win at better fuel mileage when coupled with our adapter plates + thermostats, and has more efficient heat likely due to the higher 4000 CFM fans blowing heat farther as compared to our standard FVO-400 models. We have customers that have both units on their bins, and they prefer the upgraded model.
We have two types of units in stock: Diesel or Propane/Natural gas models. Output is the standard dual 12 inch ports. The RC unit comes with skid steer/ loader rails for easier move with full fuel as well as diesel ignition pre-heat (easy cold starts) and run flat tires. The RC unit also features a power voltmeter, that measures the standard 110V voltage feeding the unit, which is useful when running off generators. The RC unit draws about 8 amps of power on the new squirrel cage fan design, over the 11 amp draw on the regular (2500 CFM Axial fan) FVO-400 model.

We also have re-stock on the “Black Adaptive Ag” heater ducting, that features a ‘no crush’ 4 inch pitch ring, which is sewn on the outside of the ducting (and made in Saskatoon!)

Flagro FVO 400RC
Our adapter plates are tuned and matched for 5-20 HP fans, and we now have limited stock (new design) – better fitting 3hp secondary ring adapters now as well. Call or text at 3068501259 or visit us online at
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