Great Feedback from a Customer: Flagro For Sale (Kijiji SK), Nov 2019

Adaptive Agriculture

November 2019

"I used this unit warming air into two bins at the same time, and also used it with both socks going into one fan, drying one bin. The later was better."

Flagro 400,000 BTU diesel fired space heater, comes as a complete heating package c/w 2- 25foot heat delivery socks, and two transition pieces (mount on front of 5 or 7 HP aeration fans), it also comes with a thermostat and probe so you can adjust the air temperature going into your grain bin.
Depending on the temperature outside, a tank of fuel will run between 13 hours and 48 hours, I was trying to have air going into the bin at about 32 degrees C. Never had one before , bought this on September 22, and it paid for itself over and over in the next 3 weeks. I think this equipment has far more applications than I’d have imagined for conditioning grain.
Personally, I straight cut grain at 18 -19 % , sometimes the combine monitor went into the 20’s %, which seemed crazy at the time, but the forecast was for 8″ of wet snow. Anyway, I finished the standing grain 10 hours before the snow, and spent the next week babysitting this dryer and my very damp grain. For the farmers in our area they know what happened to all that standing wheat , and durum, after the snow it was flat as a pancake, bleached and downgraded. The grain I warmed / dried with this heater was in the bin, top 2 grades, and dry. Over those 2 -3 weeks of drying, I was anxious to see how the grain would pan out, in the end I was very tired, but also tickled pink.

I don't know exactly how much this heater saved me, but I'd guess it was more than 10 times what I paid for it.

These heaters are usually used to heat buildings or equipment, and I have no doubt it would be great there as well. I paid $7,662.90 for the heater and accessories on September 25th, and I’m selling it for $6750.00.
Farmers if you don’t have one of these, you should get this one. Don’t know when I last had equipment that paid for itself in one year, this thing paid for itself 10 times over in 3 weeks. Why am I selling it you ask, well I’m retiring, my grain is dry, and I’m gonna spend some time with my grandkids. This Flagro heater is as close to new as you’ll find, still on the Pallet sitting on my little trailer (open warranty from Adaptive Ag)
The second picture shows the probe which you drill into your aeration transition, and the Binapt monitor shows the temperature of the probe, (which would be the temperature in the aeration ductwork if installed) and the lower number you set where you want the temperature to be, (in this case it reads 31C)