Grain Drying in cold weather

Adaptive Agriculture

February 21, 2019 (Previously

Its Below zero, we get many questions regarding if its too cold to dry grain? We have many farmers successfully drying grain from -13 to + 25 degrees Celsius. The key is making sure you have enough heat available, in combination with the ability to control the exact amount of heat necessary to hit the optimal heat settings depending on the type of grain, size of fan, and airflow going through the bin.
Every drying scenerio is different, from what type of grain is in the bin, what is the moisture content of the grain, bin size, air flow , fan HP and CFM rate, how much grain in the bin, outside air temp, outside air humidity, etc. Feel free to contact us for more info.
Ask us about our patent pending universal Aeration bin adapters that attach to any aeration fan. See adapter and thermostat on our website. Call or email us for more information and grain drying tips and charts today. Yes, we can help you get the correct combination of heat and airflow into the bin, and yes you can dry in this weather!