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Bindapt Plus notifies you if you run out of fuel at midnight

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August 22nd, 2019

Simply click on the "Add interaction, and then select "If Humidity Percentage is greater than XXX, Notify" via text message + Email.

NEW added feature = Added piece of mind! The Notifications feature is now available for humidity settings. Just in time for #Harvest19 Attached below is a real example of what happens in your bin in the middle of the night when your heater quits…and how BINDAPT PLUS monitors that activity.

Bindapt notifies if you run out of fuel at midnight

Your heat drops, your humidity rises…quickly. An email and text message is sent to your phone and computer, preventing the resulting high humidity with straight outside air, not supplemented by heat that starts to enter the bin overnight.
BINDAPT PLUS not only tracks and monitors Air Temperature, Air Humidity and Static Pressure entering your grain bins, but also pushes notifications to your phone; helping you to more safely dry your grain, and stay in the loop when there is an issue with your fuel levels or even a power outage affecting your fan. ​
Fuel 1
In the example below, supplemental heat blend takes the humidity from 86% down to the grain drying zone of 24% In the example below, the setpoint is set to 30 degrees, (which can be changed).
When the heater runs out of fuel, the example shows the drying process possibly going the wrong way (adding humidity into the bin). This could have been prevented by adding the interaction as shown below.
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