Ag in motion goes Virtual

Adaptive Agriculture

July 23rd, 2020

Adaptive Agriculture prides ourselves on face to face home grown direct interactions. About 80 percent of our customers have always been “virtual” (over the phone, email etc) as we ship products out across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and into the USA, but the “original” customer was met face to face, that referred our product to the you (the neighbor) over coffee.
We have always looked forward to meeting you at the next trade show, as we have done at Ag in Motion, Agdays (etc) and eventually to shake your hand and asked how your family has been. This year as Ag in Motion goes ‘virtual’, it does not feel the same. We would like to extend that open invitation to COME TO SASKATOON to meet us when you are able (hand shaking is optional).
In the mean time, help eliminate some of the uncertainty of harvest 2020 by reaching out to us and let us know how we can assist. We are at the show (online) this year at , or on our own website at Call / text at 306-261-2114 and 306-850-1259