Adaptive Agriculture's BINstick wins top award at Manitoba AgDays

Adaptive Agriculture

January 1st, 2021

Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. (“Adaptive Ag”), a Canadian Agriculture Technology company was announced on Monday, January 25th as the 2021 Grand Prize Winner for Manitoba Ag Days’ Innovation Showcase Competition.

Adaptive Ag’s latest invention ‘Binstick’, the next evolution in grain cables, quickly propelled this growing Saskatchewan company to the forefront with their First Place Win in ‘Agricultural Technology’ Innovations Category, for the second consecutive year, on January 7. Binstick is a portable grain bin probe with sensors that connect to Adaptive Agriculture’s automated in-bin grain drying system, the “Bindapt+ and PRO” internet-enabled smart thermostats.
Manitoba Ag Days, the largest indoor farm show in Canada, represents agricultural businesses across Canada and North America and annually recognizes the latest innovations in the Agriculture Industry. Owner and Operator of Adaptive Agriculture, Steven Rogoschewsky, competed virtually in the Grand Prize showdown with six other finalists (including Bayer4Crops, AGvisorPRO, TheTireGrabber, AGvisorPRO, QuickpinUSA, Arrowquip, and Norbin), for ‘Best in Show’ for this year’s innovations. “We are honoured to be considered to be among such a high calibre group of innovators,” says Steven Rogoschewsky. “Our entire team put a lot of effort and passion into our product line, and winning the grand prize award is a humbling experience for all of us. Our company is truly appreciative of the recognition and we are very thankful for the assistance in moving our products forward.”
Specializing in patented grain-drying solutions and mobile-ready devices, Adaptive Ag continues to gain ground with continued expansion of controls and sensors that can now turn any farmer’s bin into a ‘Smart Bin.’ Adaptive Ag is known for its Bin Transition Aeration fan Adapter Plates and custom-engineered ductwork which were popular in the challenging 2018 and 2019 harvests across the prairies. In 2020, Adaptive Ag also won First Place with their smart grain bin controller “Bindapt+ PRO” device in the Ag-Tech’ category of the Innovation Showcase. Bindapt+ PRO is an advanced heater control system that allows the adaptation of indirect fired heaters for the purpose of adding supplemental heat to grain bins, aiding the grain drying process.
The Binstick device completes the automation of the grain drying process by offering an easy to install segmented sensor stick to an already full or partially full bin, to take in grain temperature, moisture, and upper-air humidity readings that help signal when the drying process is complete. The Binstick can either be left in the bin or moved to a nearby bin with ease for monitoring and control.
The company’s success remains grounded in their fine-tuned ability to help out farmers by providing an easy to use solution where purchasing traditional grain dryers was not an affordable option or the optimal solution for their farm needs.
The advancement of its basic thermostatically controlled supplemental heat solutions has progressed into a myriad of sensors can now turn farmer’s bin into a ’Smart Bin’ and to be used for application in various other industries. For more information about Adaptive Agriculture Solutions, please visit their website at: