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Adaptive Agriculture Solutions wins 1st place Agtech Manitoba Agdays

Adaptive Agriculture

January 25th 2023

Bindapt Bin Monitor
Bindapt Bin Monitor
Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. (“Adaptive Ag”), a Canadian Agriculture Technology company was announced on Wednesday, January 18th as the 2023 1st Place Innovation Prize Winner for Manitoba Ag Days’ Innovation Showcase in the Ag Tech Category.

Adaptive wins 1st place Agtech Manitoba Agdays

Adaptive Ag’s latest invention, the Wifi bin Monitor, which featured its in bin cable reading technology coupled with its optional headspace Temperature, Humidity, C02 and Lidar bin leveling system was the leading innovation it its category. The Bindapt Bin Monitor comes as either a Wifi Capable or Cellular based monitoring solution, and runs on the same web based application platform as its other award winning innovations such as the Bindapt Plus and Pro grain drying solutions.
Manitoba Ag Days, the largest indoor farm show in Canada, represents agricultural businesses across Canada and North America and annually recognizes the latest innovations in the Agriculture Industry. This year’s show had record attendance in Brandon Manitoba. “We were honoured to be back to Manitoba to be given the chance to compete in the Ag Tech Innovation category,” says Steven Rogoschewsky. “Our entire team has put a huge effort in bringing more monitoring and conditioning tools into our web application platform, which has really propelled our company forward.”
Adaptive Ag has been traditionally known for its Bin Transition Aeration fan Adapter Plates and custom-engineered ductwork which were popular in the challenging 2018 and 2019 harvests across the prairies. Adaptive Ag’s marketing of its ‘Smart Bin’ and “Bins +” platform in 2021 has expanded in the last year with its introduction of its “Visual Farm tools”, allowing farms to create farm teams, map fields, create crop plans, and visually plot their “Smart Bins” onto a virtual map for ease of visually displaying various trends on bin conditions.
In 2021, Adaptive Ag was the Grand Prize Winner for Manitoba Ag Days’ Innovation Showcase Competition for its “Binstick” innovation, amongst six other finalists (including Bayer4Crops, AGvisorPRO, TheTireGrabber, AGvisorPRO, QuickpinUSA, Arrowquip, and Norbin). The Binstick is a portable grain bin probe that measures grain temperature and moisture content, which is read by the Bindapt bin monitor, and Bindapt Plus and Pro grain drying thermostats
In 2020, Adaptive Ag also won First Place with their smart grain bin controller “Bindapt+ PRO” device in the Ag-Tech’ category of the Innovation Showcase. Bindapt+ PRO is an advanced heater control system that allows the adaptation of indirect fired heaters for the purpose of adding supplemental heat to grain bins, aiding the grain drying process.
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