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TitleAdaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc., Announces official release of US Patent 10,709,145 B2

Adaptive Agriculture

August 14th, 2020

“We are thrilled to receive acceptance from the US Patent office,"

Bindapt Adapter Plates Patent
Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc (“Adaptive Ag”), a Canadian Agriculture technology company, is pleased to announce the changing status of US Patent Pending Patent for its “Adapter Device for Coupling a Construction Heater to an Existing Grain Bin Aeration Fan” from “Patent Pending” to Patent 10,709,145 B2”. The Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially been satisfied and has accepted Adaptive Agriculture Solutions’ product into its library on July 14, 2020

official release of US Patent

Adaptive Agriculture had filed Canadian and United States patent information in 2018 after ongoing private lab testing as it experimented with various methods of in bin grain drying. The patent filing information covers a complete methodology in combination of specific adapter apparatus and processes that interface supplemental heating equipment to any grain bin aeration fan for the purpose of drying grain. The invention covers methods of a plurality of directing heated dry air with various physical couplers combined with various internal and external sensors and digital controls to make the process more automated and efficient
“We are thrilled to receive acceptance from the US Patent office,” says inventor Steven Rogoschewsky. “The document represents the sum of several years of collective hard work from our team, and offers a good base point of reference for the other products and services we are currently developing. I am pleased to be a part of a product team that has refined an invention which has helped so many people. Our tools are now a critical piece of farm infrastructure and has positively shaped the face of how farmers plan for harvest during increasingly uncertain weather.”
Adaptive Agriculture has been recognized as part of various Innovations Program celebrating the latest innovations in the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Agriculture industry for being a company with a new technology to assist farmers. In January 2020, Adaptive Agriculture Solutions received the 1st place AG Tech award at “Manitoba Ag Days”, which is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, featuring technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across the world. Adaptive Agriculture Solutions is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. For more information about Adaptive Agriculture Solutions website please visit them online at
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