Sense MORE with our Ag-Tech Products such as: Headspace CO2, and Fan Performance

Our Devices* Can Monitor:

In-Bin Cables

Plenum Temp / Humidity

Fan Performance

Head-space CO2

*Bindapt Bin Monitor and Binhalo are compatible with CO2 Sensors and are usually installed on the top of the bin. All Smart Devices are capable of reading In-Bin Cables (OPI & Bin-Sense) and our Modular Plenum Sensor

Bindapt Bin Monitor

Monitor In-Bin Cables, Plenum, & Headspace

The Bindapt Bin Monitor is our base-level Bin Monitoring system that remotely reads In-Bin Cables, Modular Plenum Sensors, and our CO2 Headspace Sensors. All information is sent to our cloud servers and available to you directly on your desktop or mobile device.

Text and Email alerts can be programmed to notify you when your grain is heating or if the CO2 in the bin is spiking.

Bindapt Bin Monitor Key Features

Future Proof Bin Monitor with Control

The Binhalo Device is a truly future-proofed bin monitoring system combining all of the input abilities of the Bin Monitor with the addition of a Modular Control Output!
Binhalo not only monitors Cables, Plenum, and Headspace CO2 it can also automate your Aeration, Exhaust, or Supplemental heat!
The Modular Control boxes are sold separately and can be added to the system at anytime. The system adapts and scales to your needs!


Binhalo Key Features


Automated Drying and Conditioning

The Bindapt+ Device is a Bin Monitor with an Integrated Plenum Sensor and Single Modular Control Output.  The Bindapt+ Automates the conditioning process by either controlling an Aeration Fan or Supplemental Heater to achieve a Target Moisture.

Simply input Current Moisture of the grain along with a Target Moisture and the Bindapt+ will automate the process and calculate an estimated time to completion each hour!


Bindapt+ Key Features

Fully Automated Fan & Heat

The Bindapt+ Pro is our Flagship product since 2019 due to its adaptable and modular nature. The Bindapt+ Pro can Independently control 2 Outputs making it possible to completely automate a drying and cool-down cycle without ever going to the bin site.

A Modular plenum can be added in addition to the Integrated plenum to monitor and control 2 bins at once!

All the benefits of the Bindapt+ just with more inputs and outputs.

Bindapt+ Pro

Bindapt+ Key Features

CO2 Monitoring

Detect problems 14 days before your cables heat with CO2!

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is caused by insect infestation and/or mould growth. As grain is sitting in the bin it can become an optimal breeding ground for insects and mould. Our CO2 Grain Quality Sensor can detect these spikes in CO2 and notify you OR Automate an Aeration/Exhaust Fan.

Normal CO2 levels are around 400-600ppm. When CO2 Levels reach above 1000-1100ppm that is a strong indication that something is wrong. You can see spikes in CO2 up to 14 days before you will see your cables heating!

Intuitive Mobile and Desktop Dashboard

The Visual Farm Platform has been designed to connect all of our Smart Devices to your farm in a familiar and intuitive manner. We are constantly adding features to the platform and finding ways to make grain management easier and easier for our users.


Visual Farm Dashboard

Get Started for $399!*

Get your FIRST Wi-Fi Bin Monitor for $399!

  • Works on your Farm’s Wi-Fi (No Annual Fees)
  • Reads OPI & Bin-Sense Cables
  • Plugs directly into 120V Power
  • Expandable with Plenum Sensor & CO2 Headspace Sensor

*Limited to one $399 Wi-Fi Bin Monitor per farm operation. While quantities last. Additional units are available at full retail price (MSRP $850)

Smart Device Comparison

  • Bindapt Monitor
  • Binhalo
  • Bindapt+
  • Bindapt+ Pro
Bindapt MonitorBinhaloBindapt+Bindapt+ Pro
Reads Temperature &/or Moisture Cables
Reads BOTH Bin-Sense and OPI Cables
Custom Text And Email Alerts
All of our Smart Devices can be set to Alert you Via Text, Email, or In-App Notification
Plugs Directly Into Power
Using a Standard 120V Power Supply
Mobile and Desktop Dashboard
Our Visual Farm Dashboard is Compatible with ALL devices bringing your Data to Mobile and Desktop Devices
Plenum Temp / Humidity & Static Pressure
All Devices are compatible with our Modular Plenum Sensors and some have an Integrated Plenum Sensor
Modular (Sold Seperately)Modular (Sold Separately)Integrated (Included)Integrated (Included)
Headspace CO2 Sensor Compatible
CO2 Headspace Sensors can detect problems 14 days befor grain cables begin to heat!
Modular Control Outputs
Our boxes feature Modular Control Outputs that can be configured to control Aeration Fans, Exhaust Fans and / or Supplemental Heat
1 Control Output1 Control Output2 Control Outputs
Control Aeration Fans Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Aeration Fans with Aeration+ Modular Controller
Control Exhaust Fans Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Exhaust Fans with the Exhaust+ Modular Controller
Control Supplemental Heaters Remotely
Any Device with a Control Output can Automate Construction Heaters with the Heater+ Modular Controller
Automate Grain Conditioning
Automation is possible with ALL Devices that have Control Outputs
Control Multiple Outputs Independently
Bindapt+ Pro is the only device that currently can automate 2 controls independently
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Our Devices Can Control & Automate:

Supplemental Heaters

Exhaust Fans

Aeration Fans

Control Boxes

Expand Your Devices with Modular Control Boxes

The Heater+, Exhaust+, and Aeration+ Control Boxes can all be used on ANY Control Output on our devices. The control module is then configured via the Web Platform to be connected to the physical device. Once configured the device can now automate and control the attached Heater, Exhaust, or aeration Fan

Get S3 Aeration Fans from Adaptive!

Temperature, Humidity & Pressure in the Plenum

The Modular Plenum Sensor is a major innovation for bin monitoring and is compatible with ALL of our devices! This sensor can read every 5-10 seconds and perform interactions, alert users, and track fan performance with pressure!

Modular Plenum Sensor

In-Bin Grain Cables

All Devices Read In-Bin Grain Cables

Our Smart Devices read ALL 2-pin In-Bin Cables. We are compatible with OPI and Bin-Sense Cables with. Whether your Bin has existing cables or you need cables with your monitoring system we can help!

Get Flagro Heaters from Adaptive!

Adapter Plates

Adapt Supplemental Heat to your Aeration Fan

The Patented 2-piece Adapter Plate is the safest way to attach a Construction Heater onto your Aeration Fan. We worked with HVAC Engineers to ensure the proper amount of mixed airflow enters the fan and we have continually seen successful grain drying since 2019 with these plates!


Bigger Fan. Bigger Transition

The Aeration Transition is the second piece of the Adapter Plate that interfaces with the fan and the front plate the heater attachs to. The standard Adapter Plate comes with a first transition for fans between 3hp and 7.5hp. For fans above 10HP the middle aeration transition is required in order to not starve the inlet of the fan.

The largest Aeration Transition is for BIG flat bottom bins and has 2 addition ports for ANOTHER construction heater. Using two construction  heaters we have seen significant drying on bins above 40,000 bushels.

Aeration Transitions