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Friday August 6th, 2021 (SASKATOON, SK)    Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. (“Adaptive Ag”), a Canadian Agriculture Technology company, is pleased to announce the release of its “Bins+” feature on its Adaptive Agriculture Web Application Platform. The Bins+ feature allows users to create digital grain bins, track grain inventory, collaborate with additional users, add notes, and view a detailed history of all changes.

Adaptive Ag is best known for its thermostatically controlled in-bin grain drying system that uses its patented adapter plate transitions on aeration fans.

The company’s technology has progressed in producing a series of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors attached to a grain bin to improve grain drying efficiencies through computer automation that turns any grain bin into an efficient grain drying and conditioning system. 

The Bindapt+ and Bindapt+ PRO are smart controller devices that monitor the sensors within a grain bin.

Existing Bindapt+ device users can log in to the Bins+ platform to create a digital “smart bin” that will display real-time data of all connected sensors. Bins+ also helps farmers without smart sensors manage their bin yards.

Adaptive Ag users can measure Plenum Temperature, Humidity, Static Pressure, In Bin Grain Cables, the Binstick, Headspace C02 Sensors, and Headspace Distance Sensing (LIDAR) Devices. Adaptive Ag is continuously developing new tools, software, and products for the agriculture industry and others.

The Bins+ software allows three “Bin Modes”, which include drying, cool-down, and storage. The system will use bin-data to automate the grain conditioning process while also providing an estimated time for completion.

The easy-to-use web app will keep everyone on the farm up to date without complex spreadsheets, whiteboards, or expensive software. Connecting a smart device to your grain bin(s) turns any bin into a smart bin that can be controlled and monitored from a desktop or mobile device.

Adaptive Agriculture has received two AgTech Innovation Awards at Manitoba Ag Days in 2020 & 2021. The Saskatchewan company started as a means of assisting the farming community in solving problems and continues to develop tools to support farmers during challenging times.

For more information, please call Steve Rogoschewsky at 1-306-850-1259.

To log into the Bins+ system, please visit: 


<![CDATA[Alberta Efficient Grain Handling Program is back, 50% Rebates on Bindapt Products!]]>Mon, 05 Jul 2021 21:34:52 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/alberta-efficient-grain-handling-program-is-back-50-rebates-on-bindapt-productsPicture

The Efficient Grain Handling Program is an energy efficiency program intended to assist producers in Alberta with reducing the overall energy use on their operations. The program will fund equipment that shows a significant energy efficiency improvement over standard practice, which includes Products from Adaptive Agriculture Solutions (including In Bin Grain Cables / Binstick,   Plenum sensors, Thermostats, Bindapt One, Plus and Pro Models, and more!)

Eligible expenses will be cost-shared at 50% grant and 50% applicant.
The maximum grant funding an applicant can receive from the program is $100,000 over the program term, this includes any funding received through the previous Efficient Grain Dryer program.

Eligible Costs:

Enclosed Dryer Roof, or Enclosed Dryer Top Cover
Automatic Moisture-based Controllers
High-Efficiency Burners
Variable Speed Drives (VSD) for Electric Motors
Grain dryer PTO to Electric Motor Conversion
Insulated Plenums
Exhaust Air Recirculation Systems
Heat Exchangers
Gravity-Fill Roofs
Electrical or gas submeters on Dryers
Temperature and moisture monitoring cables for in-bin drying systems
Thermostats or thermometers for plenum or burner temperature control on in-bin drying systems
Adapter plates for efficiently fitting external heaters to in-bin drying systems
Indirect-fired high-efficiency portable aeration dryers
Automated bin fan control systems
Pipeline to grain dryer – for costs incurred over and above those paid for by the Rural Gas Program to a maximum of $20k/applicant. A quote must be provided by the natural gas provider.

Program Funding is 50% of Eligible Expenses

For Full program details, please visit


Back Dated Invoices to April 2018 are eligible, Program open date was June 28, 2021.

<![CDATA[Adaptive Agriculture is Expanding our team!]]>Thu, 08 Apr 2021 16:39:50 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/adaptive-agriculture-is-expanding-our-teamAdaptive Agriculture, a home grown Saskatoon based tech IOT company,  is looking for a Junior and Senior Developer to add to our team.
The ideal candidate is a creative problem solver who will work in coordination with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and maintain our next generation web tools and enhance our IoT stack. You must be comfortable working as part of a team while taking the initiative to take lead on new innovations and projects. 
  • Revise, edit, proofread & optimize code
  • Perform code reviews, unit testing, and continuous integration
  • Work cross-functionally to enhance overall user experience of our platforms
  • Own various design tasks involved in the web development life cycle from start to finish
  • Ability to multi-task, organize, and prioritize work

Currently we are a small team working on AgTech innovations and have received recognition 2 years in a row.  We are looking to expand our foundational development team as we continue to enter different industries with our IoT Solutions.

The successfully candidate with oversee maintaining the database and integrating new features into the stack. The Senior Developer will also oversee the Jr. Dev and ensure successful integration of tech from the back to front end.
Successful Candidate will be working with:
·      ReactJS
·      Typescript
·      C/C++
·      PostgreSQL
·      Go
·      Protobuf

Please send resumes to our email address (info@adaptiveagriculture.ca) or drop off a resume at our office in Saskatoon.

Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc.
332 Packham Avenue
Saskatoon SK.
S7N 2T1

<![CDATA[Binstick Takes Top Honors At Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Showcase]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2021 01:56:18 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/binstick-takes-top-honors-at-manitoba-ag-days-innovation-showcasePicture

Category: Agriculture News
Written by Glenda-Lee Vossler

A Saskatoon based company took the Grand Prize in the Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Showcase this year.
The Innovation Awards were held online this year with Adaptive Agricultural Solutions taking home over $17,000 in cash and prizes for their Binstick.
The Binstick is an electronic and mobile ready portable grain probe that contains temperature and humidity sensors for grain bin monitoring and drying.

Founder Steve Rogoschewsky says Binstick is a complement to their Bindapt and Bindapt Pro Systems and turns any aeration bin into a smart bin.
"The Binstick is a segmented stick with a bunch of sensors in it that you install from the top of the bin down. With an easy turn handle and then you unclick the handle and you add another segment, connect the wires and push sensors into a full or partially full grain bin. It basically completes the grain drying feedback loop that we created."
He notes you can move the Binstick from bin to bin and it serves as a great tool for monitoring your grain after the grain drying is complete.

The Farmers Choice Grand Prize was awarded to Bar C Innovation out of Kansas for their Quick Pin Hitch Pin.
The Quick Pin is a new, innovative and redesigned hitch pin making for faster, easier unhooking of implements.
Bar C Innovations takes home over $12,000 in cash and prizes.

<![CDATA[CJWW NEWS: Saskatoon Company Wins Top Award at Manitoba Ag Days]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2021 01:34:49 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/cjww-news-saskatoon-company-wins-top-award-at-manitoba-ag-daysPicture

Saskatoon, SK, Canada / Country 600 CJWW
Neil Billinger

Adaptive Agricultural Solutions won the honor for its Binstick, an electronic and mobile ready, expandable and portable grain bin probe.

Company founder Steve Rogoschewsky says it complements the company’s Bindapt+ and Bindapt Pro Systems—turning any aeration bin into a smart bin.

“It’s a segmented bin probe that has moisture and temperature sensors. What we are doing is basically calibrating that to the grain type. We can also read the air humidity at the top of the bin and show when that grain drying process is complete,” Rogoschewsky said. “With the rest of the tools that we have, we also show how well your aeration fan is doing with or without supplemental heat.”
Adaptive Agricultural Solutions received a $15,000 cash prize for being named Grand Champion.
The Farmers Choice Grand Prize Champion is the Quick Pin Hitch Pin from Bar C Innovations out of Kansas. The product makes it faster and easier to unhook for one man operations. Bar C Innovations received at $10,000 prize.

More than 1,200 people from 13 countries cast ballots in the Farm Choice competition. Votes came from as far away as China, Brazil, Japan and Australia.

The Audio of the CJWW radio clip can be heard below:

<![CDATA[Adaptive Agriculture's BINstick wins top award at Manitoba AgDays]]>Tue, 26 Jan 2021 19:55:13 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/adaptive-agricultures-binstick-wins-top-award-at-manitoba-agdaysTuesday, January 26, 2021 (Saskatoon, SK)
Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. (“Adaptive Ag”), a Canadian Agriculture Technology company was announced on Monday, January 25th as the 2021 Grand Prize Winner for Manitoba Ag Days’ Innovation Showcase Competition.

Adaptive Ag’s latest invention ‘Binstick’, the next evolution in grain cables, quickly propelled this growing Saskatchewan company to the forefront with their First Place Win in ‘Agricultural Technology’ Innovations Category, for the second consecutive year, on January 7.

Binstick is a portable grain bin probe with sensors that connect to Adaptive Agriculture's automated in-bin grain drying system, the “Bindapt+ and PRO” internet-enabled smart thermostats.

Manitoba Ag Days, the largest indoor farm show in Canada, represents agricultural businesses across Canada and North America and annually recognizes the latest innovations in the Agriculture Industry.  Owner and Operator of Adaptive Agriculture, Steven Rogoschewsky, competed virtually in the Grand Prize showdown with six other finalists (including Bayer4Crops, AGvisorPRO, TheTireGrabber, AGvisorPRO, QuickpinUSA, Arrowquip, and Norbin), for ‘Best in Show’ for this year’s innovations.

“We are honoured to be considered to be among such a high calibre group of innovators," says Steven Rogoschewsky. “Our entire team put a lot of effort and passion into our product line, and winning the grand prize award is a humbling experience for all of us. Our company is truly appreciative of the recognition and we are very thankful for the assistance in moving our products forward."

Specializing in patented grain-drying solutions and mobile-ready devices, Adaptive Ag continues to gain ground with continued expansion of controls and sensors that can now turn any farmer’s bin into a ‘Smart Bin.’ Adaptive Ag is known for its Bin Transition Aeration fan Adapter Plates and custom-engineered ductwork which were popular in the challenging 2018 and 2019 harvests across the prairies. 

In 2020, Adaptive Ag also won First Place with their smart grain bin controller “Bindapt+ PRO” device in the Ag-Tech’ category of the Innovation Showcase.  Bindapt+ PRO is an advanced heater control system that allows the adaptation of indirect fired heaters for the purpose of adding supplemental heat to grain bins, aiding the grain drying process. 

The Binstick device completes the automation of the grain drying process by offering an easy to install segmented sensor stick to an already full or partially full bin, to take in grain temperature, moisture, and upper-air humidity readings that help signal when the drying process is complete. The Binstick can either be left in the bin or moved to a nearby bin with ease for monitoring and control.

The company’s success remains grounded in their fine-tuned ability to help out farmers by providing an easy to use solution where purchasing traditional grain dryers was not an affordable option or the optimal solution for their farm needs. 

The advancement of its basic thermostatically controlled supplemental heat solutions has progressed into a myriad of sensors can now turn farmer’s bin into a ’Smart Bin’ and to be used for application in various other industries.

For more information about Adaptive Agriculture Solutions, please visit their website at:

<![CDATA[Poking a hole in a lack of grain bin information: Western Producer]]>Mon, 25 Jan 2021 02:23:28 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/poking-a-hole-in-a-lack-of-grain-bin-information-western-producerPicture
Credit: By Robin Booker   .    Western producer     Published: January 21, 2021

The company's sensors and control system helps turn any aeration bin into a smart bin, which can help producers save significant money while drying grain.

Adaptive Ag Agriculture won the Ag tech category at the 2021 Manitoba Ag Days awards for its new product called the Binstick.
The Binstick is a portable grain bin probe with sensors that connects to Adaptive Ag’s automated in-bin grain drying system.
“The Binstick is for grain bins that don’t have those in-bin grain cables. We can quickly put an electronic rod with an auger on it that you just hand crank into the grain from the top of the grain bin down,” said Steven Rogoschewsky of Adaptive Agriculture.
“It measures the temperature of the grain and the moisture content of the grain, as well as the air quality at the top of the bin.”
Through measuring the humidity at the top of the bin the system can indicate when the grain-drying process is complete.
Users of the Binstick can quickly move it from bin to bin because it’s made out of a modular metal design.
The first section of Binstick has a removable T-handle that enables farmers to twist the segment into the grain.
A cordless impact driver can also be used to sink the Binstick.
The Binstick is a portable grain bin probe with sensors that connects to Adaptive Ag’s automated in-bin grain drying system.

Sections of the Binstick are added until sensors are driven to the desired depth, either through the hole at the top of the bin or through an observation hole.

Binstick is compatible with Adaptive Agriculture’s automated in-bin drying system, called Bindapt, which uses supplementary heaters powered by natural gas, propane or diesel, that connect to any aeration fan.
The company’s sensors and control system help turn any aeration bin into a smart bin, which can help producers save significant money while drying grain.

“There’s a sensor that we put between the fan in the bin and that air plenum, and it measures temperature, humidity, and static pressure,” Rogoschewsky said.

“The control system controls the heater and connects to a cellphone tower so you can see how that system is working on your phone, with alerts. It also connects to in-bin grain temperature or temperature moisture cables and you can see those readings on your phone as well.”

The web application the company developed shows how well the grain is drying down.
“They can see their current bin or if they’ve got multiple devices set up or multiple bins set up they can see each bin and the inventory that’s in it, as well as the ongoing temperature, blended air humidity going in the bin. There are also graphs that show how well that fan is drying with or without supplemental heat,” Rogoschewsky said.

Adaptive Ag Solutions was recently recognized by the Alberta Government farm efficiency program for its fuel-saving efforts and environmental impact.

Rogoschewsky said many producers apply too much heat when using supplemental heat to dry their grain
“If we go back a couple of years ago, you’d be running your heaters full out with just kind of blasting air at the bin. We’ve controlled that process now. This can save you up to $70, $80, $90 a day on fuel,” Rogoschewsky said.

<![CDATA[Vote for Binstick!   2021 Ag-Tech Award Winner!!]]>Mon, 11 Jan 2021 17:53:48 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/vote-for-binstick-2021-ag-tech-award-winnerPicture
BINSTICK - The Next Evolution of Grain Cables!

We are Excited to announce our latest innovation: Binstick !!
AND the 2021 Agriculture Technology Award Recognition from Manitoba Ag Days' Innovation Showcase!!

CHOOSE YOUR 2021 Farmer's Choice Award Winner by voting at https://www.agdays.com/vote2021/

Vote often!
You can vote EVERYDAY until JAN 22nd 2021

Thank you to everyone who joined in our research, development in 2020, and the testing of this new and very exciting agriculture solution for farming!

What is Binstick?  https://adaptiveagriculture.ca/binstick.html

Binstick is: An electronic and mobile ready, rigid, modular, expandable, and portable grain bin probe brought to you by Adaptive Agriculture Solutions in Saskatoon, that contains Temperature and Humidity sensors for improved grain bin monitoring and grain drying. Solves many of the challenges of in bin cables which is  Easy to move from Bin to Bin!  

Binstick is Compatible with Bindapt+ and Bindapt + PRO devices

Check out our Binstick Brochure

Learn More Online:

<![CDATA[How to dry Corn using Bindapt plus/Pro]]>Mon, 02 Nov 2020 23:17:50 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/corn-grain-drying-tips-for-fall-2020Picture
Corn drying has been added as a new feature to the Adaptive Ag Bindapt Plus and Bindapt Plus PRO.  The smart thermostat models now have pre-settings for all grain types including optimal corn grain drying, using a Flagro FVO-400 Diesel, or FVPN-400 Duel Fuel (propane/natural gas) portable construction indirect (has chimney, no fume) heater.  

High moisture Corn is generally ideally used at a lower temperature setting 30 Degrees Celsius, or 88 Degrees Fahrenheit.    Although the Canadian Grain Commission generally suggests a max Corn grain drying temperature of 45 Degrees Celsius, or 113 Degrees Fahrenheit, Adjusting the average temperature up to 38 to 40 generally results in an over drying effect on the bottom of the bin.  A lower and slower temperature can result in a more even drying effect. Our results for corn show that a small batch (5 Hp fan, 1800 bushel in a 4000 bushel bin) can result in an average point reduction from 27 Moisture content to 19 in a 1-2 day period during late fall above freezing temperatures for smaller batches.

Air tends to flow really well through corn, and the average static pressure on this setup was shown to be around 3.8 Inches of Water on the plenum built in pressure reader in Bindapt Plus models.

We also see the in bin temperature / cables "heat up" a lot quicker when drying corn as opposed to more dense grains like wheat, barley or other cereals.  This suggest that the dry warmer air moving through the bin suggest we can dry corn  lot faster than we can on the other more dense grains.

See below for the new grain drying calculator graphs, plenum Temp/Humidity readings, and in bin sensor cable data over a two day corn dryer real life example.  Contact us at Adaptive Agriculture Solutions, for free consulting in order to make your in bin drying setup a success today.

<![CDATA[Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc., Announces official release of US Patent 10,709,145 B2]]>Fri, 14 Aug 2020 16:47:55 GMThttp://adaptiveagriculture.ca/news/adaptive-agriculture-solutions-inc-announces-official-release-of-us-patent-10709145-b2Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc (“Adaptive Ag”), a Canadian Agriculture technology company, is pleased to  announce the changing status of US Patent Pending Patent for its “Adapter Device for Coupling a Construction Heater to an Existing Grain Bin Aeration Fan” from “Patent Pending” to Patent 10,709,145 B2”.  The Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially been satisfied and has accepted Adaptive Agriculture Solutions’ product into its library on July 14, 2020

Adaptive Agriculture had filed Canadian and United States patent information in 2018 after ongoing private lab testing as it experimented with various methods of in bin grain drying.    The patent filing information covers a complete methodology in combination of specific adapter apparatus and processes that interface supplemental heating equipment to any grain bin aeration fan for the purpose of drying grain.  The invention covers methods of a plurality of directing heated dry air with various physical couplers combined with various internal and external sensors and digital controls to make the process more automated and efficient.
“We are thrilled to receive acceptance from the US Patent office,"  says inventor Steven Rogoschewsky.  “The document represents the sum of several years of collective hard work from our team, and offers a good base point of reference for the other products and services we are currently developing. I am pleased to be a part of a product team that has refined an invention which has helped so many people.  Our tools are now a critical piece of farm infrastructure and has positively shaped the face of how farmers plan for harvest during increasingly uncertain weather.”

Adaptive Agriculture has been recognized as part of various Innovations Program celebrating the latest innovations in the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Agriculture industry for being a company with a new technology to assist farmers.   In January 2020, Adaptive Agriculture Solutions received  the 1st place AG Tech award at "Manitoba Ag Days”, which is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, featuring technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across the world.
Adaptive Agriculture Solutions is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. For more information about Adaptive Agriculture Solutions website please visit them online at